How It Works

InstaMapper ??? A Free GPS tracking solution for your??smartphone??or dedicated tracking unit

InstaMapper is a free GPS tracking service, allowing you to track and share your location in real time, perfect for keeping an eye on your friends, family, kids or your company fleet & employees.?? Available on Android and IOS as an app, we are sure you can use our feature rich service to find tracking service you need.

Dedicated trackers ??? If you are the more serious type then we support the use of the Insta Tracker range of GPS units, allowing you to buy the unit for low cost and hook it up to our website free of charge. These are small portable units you can carry around with you, or even fit in to your vehicle for a more permanent solution.

Getting started

First you must register an account on the website at and generate a device ID. This is a unique number which you then key in to the app.

The App??

The app runs in the background of your device transmitting your location at desired intervals as you wish, and is filled with features such as


Auto boot: allowing the app to consistently start when your device is switched on.

SMS activation: allowing you to start or stop the app with by sending a text message to the phone - perfect for when you want to quickly check where someone is.


Background silence:lets the app run in the background of your device so you never have to worry about it, switch it on and off you go.

Preset interval transmissions: send your location at desired times from every 5 seconds to every hour, this helps to save battery life.

Dedicated trackers

Our dedicated trackers are perfect for the more serious, we support the Xexun TK102 & Tk103

The TK102 is a personal tracker, stick it in your bag or have it in your pocket and off you go.


The TK103 is a hard wired vehicle tracking system transmitting more information about the car, this is more recommended for the more serious ??wanting to track their vehicles.

This solution is also ideal??for fleet tracking or in the event your vehicle is stolen.

Configuration is simple for both devices, point the device to our website, pop in a??sim card in and off you you go.??An affordable solution for your needs. We offer the service for free but there will be a??charge from your service provider for the mobile carrier service.

The website

Once you have the app or the dedicated service running then head over to the website to track your location in realtime, head to the devices page where you're able to add multiple devices to your account and track them live, view your historical routes or journeys or share your unique page url to allow others to track you in real time when ever the app is turned on.??


Live Tracking

Once you're off and on your way you can view your devices all in one page and keep an eye on their location in real-time, you can even send a unique link to your friends to track you and best of all, they don???t even need a login.




Multi Tracker

This is perfect for keeping an eye on all your devices at once, perfect for events or company fleet tracking, and with clickable markers to show more information on each device.



Route overview

Go back in time or straight after your session view your route online and export it to.




Integrate InstaMapper in your own software or website platform using our API Web services, with JSON responses or frame embedding allowing you to extract the data from your devices, to build or use with your own service.

View our API guide for more information


Company fleet tracking

Instamapper is designed to work with company fleets too, get the app or dedicated tracker installed on your employees vehicle or smart phones and track them all in one map using our Multi Map, perfect for keeping an eye on your work force for free.

Spy Gps Tracker

We have a pro version of the app which allows you to have the app installed in complete secrecy launchable by dialing a secret dialing code and with a password.


We pride ourselves on having a great support team, so if you have any queries questions or feature requests then get in touch with us.