Vehicle Tracker service

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Even though Insta-Mapper is mainly used for tracking mobile devices, there is nothing to stop you using it as a Vehicle Tracker in the event of theft, we will explain a simple way to do this, and best of all it will cost you a fraction of the price of any other Car tracking services, remember...Insta-Mapper is free, so we dont charge for our services so use the service for your??Vehicle tracking.

  1. Purchase a cheap android device
    We strongly recommend an android device, as they can be available for as little as $30-40(??45.00)
  2. Set up a data tariff with a service provider
    200 mb per month is easily sufficient if you are solely using it for this purpose only.
  3. Install the App
    Log on to PlayStore and download the application on to your phone.
  4. Create an account on for your??Vehicle tracking
    Set up an account on our website, and create a device ID to insert in to the Insta-Mapper app on your mobile device, this way you can track your device on-line.
  5. Install the Mobile Device in to your car
    This is the tricky bit, you want to install it in your vehicle in a way that is easily accessible, but hard to find should your vehicle be stolen, and it requires power too to keep it running all the time too, so you may need some basic knowledge in car electrics, we recommend getting a car charger and taking it apart to expose the wiring to directly wire the adaptor in to your vehicles 12v circuit.Tips:- Set the app to "Auto Start on boot" so should the device restart, the app will kick in straight away.
  6. Your vehicle tracker installation is now complete, and for a fraction of the price

Use our Forum??for support and to gain idea's for Vehicle tracking??and other tips on best way's to do this for your specific vehicle,??

Vehicle Tracker

Vehicle Tracker

Vehicle tracker