Mobile Tracker

Using Insta Mapper as a Mobile tracker

The most useful and main purpose of Insta Mapper is to be used as mobile tracker.

Wether you want to Track you phone in case its lost or you want to track your journey , this is what insta mapper was made for. to be used as a mobile tracker.

Remember that one of our features is remote activation via SMS, meaning if your phone is stolen and the thieves have it on you can grab another phone and text your self a short code message, [GPS_IM_ON] ...and include those brackets. The app will then launch silently in the background and you can then log on to the site to locate your device.It can also be used as a general day to day mobile tracker, have it in your pocket running giving hourly updates out to the website, and as your out and about your family and friends can see where you are. Use our hourly updates OR assisted gps to really preserve battery, but remember by using assisted gps only the accuracy is not as good. but at least it throws some location's out to let your family and friend's know your still in the country.


Mobile Tracking