Gps Sports Tracker

Instamapper can be used as a Gps Sports Tracker

Gps sports tracker

Use instamapper for your sporting needs wether your Cycling away; sailing a ship, racing cars, cross country running even going for a long walk then InstaMapper has some great features for you to use and it is the perfect gps sports tracker for your needs.

Lets have a look at some ideas for this GPS Sports tracker and??go through some scenarios on how to make the most of our services to help you.


  • Cycling - You and your friends go for a cycle and you all have instamapper running on your smartphones but one of you gets lost, then Load up the MultiMap and see where the rest of the guys are. Then once your home load up the site and check out your route ,average speed,distance travelled and time taken and then export it to have a local copy of it.
  • Sailing - Load the app so friends and family or even your rivals can see where you are then once your finished. Visit the site after so you can see your route and locate what your average speed was and the distance you travelled.
    but what if you fall in to trouble? well you can easily give your co-ordinates to emergency team and speed up critical rescue time.
  • Country Walks - Keep an eye on your friends and see where everyone is at once for peace of mind for your friends and family, but lets say the worst comes to the worst and you fall very ill or break your leg?Give the emergency services your co-ordinates and it could just save you your life.
  • Gliders - For those aviators the best thing about Instamapper is that if you are out of signal then the app keeps storing your location locally. Once signal is regained it transmits all your data at once so no information is lost, so after a gliding session you can view the route you did and ??analysis your tracks.We do our best to adapt instamapper to any use possible and as a GPS Sports tracker it works brilliantly but if you have any ideas then get in touch, we are only a click away.Contact us