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InstaMapper is a free Iphone Android GPS tracker service for your device, allowing you to monitor and track your devices, and allows you to share your location with your friends via a simple link, its simple and easy to use, you cant go wrong... so what do you need to do?

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  • Sign up an account below, we dont ask for much information, so its quick and easy.
  • Go to Manage Devices once logged in, and create a device.
  • Take note of the Device key once you have created a device.
  • Download the app from the AppStore or PlayStore account depending on your device.
  • Enter the device key you noted earlier on after creating an account and enter in to the app via the settings menu.
  • Now your ready to go, start tracking, and use the manage devices tab for ways of sharing your location to your friends and family, ??or use the app to track your cycling,driving,walking or even flying routes.

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We also offer a MultiTracking facility....perfect if you want to track multiple devices at once, ideal for fleet tracking, or if out and about with your friends.

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