The Insta Tracker is a dedicated GPS vehicle tracker, that's compatible with our site and software and doesn't cost anything to use.


Supported capabilities:

  • Subscription free service from Insta-Mapper (you only need a SIM card)
  • Remotely disable your vehicle
  • Communicates over GPRS/GMS
  • Continually sends location to Insta-Mapper website
  • View location on Insta-Mapper website
  • Contains SOS button that can trigger alert to dedicated numbers
  • Transmits location all the time or when in motion
  • Transmits location at desired timings(i.e every 5 seconds to 1 hour)
  • Sends SMS when vehicle exceeds a specific speed
  • External microphone allowing you call the tracker and listen to conversation
  • Can be wired to alarm to trigger SMS when alarm has been activated
  • Back Up battery allowing device to continue going in the event of battery failure for 24 hours
  • SMS warning if device is Cut from the vehicle
  • Dedicated GPS Antenna for professional installation
  • Comes with Relay allowing you to remotely activate or de-activate a device
  • Can be wired to a 12+ and Negative circuit for basic installation right up to Including ACC/Ignition/Fuel Pumps/Door Triggers and Alarms depending on users requirement.
  • Small device so can be hidden easily
  • Comes with
  • Wiring harness
  • GPS antenna
  • GSM antenna
  • Tracker unit
  • Sim card holder
  • Relay
    Example Usage
  • monitor a fleet of company vehicles to allow a head office to dispatch the closest vehicle to an incident or job
  • Taxi firms to centrally manage and monitor vehicles and allow a more efficient dispatching process
  • track a vehicle in the event it is stolen
  • covert tracking
  • general purpose or hobbyist
Server IP:
Server port: 7777


In order to configure the object, you have to follow these steps by sending SMS commands to the tracker.

First - we need to add the tracker to our Insta-Mapper

  • Log in to the site and go to -My Account -> Activate personal tracker
  • Type in the IMEI number located on the side of the device and give it a name.

Now its time to configure the tracker

  • "begin123456" - resets all controller's settings, password 123456 is set by default
  • "apn123456 <SERVICE_PROVIDER_APN>" - sets the required apn for gprs configuration
  • "apnuser123456 <SERVICE_PROVIDER_USER>" - sets the user for gprs configuration
  • "apnpasswd123456 <SERVICE_PROVIDER_PASSWORD>" - sets the password for gprs configuration. For new equipment versions user and password are set with one command.
  • "adminip123456 7777" - sets the server's address for packages sending.
  • "t030s***n123456" - sets the interval of messages sending to 30 seconds. For new equipment versions this command can have the following format "fix030s***n123456"
  • Send tlimit123456 50 -Optional(This will set your device to only send data when it moves at least 50 meters, this helps data usage to be kept low)
  • That's it ... Your done! Go to My Activity -> Live Tracker to view the Map