How to Guide

How to use instamapper from the app to the website, here is a small run through on how to get going.....


Step 1

Firstly download the app from the GPS tracker from Playstore/AppStore for your phone, search for InstaMapper to find it and install it on your devices

Then create an account on

Step 2

We now need to create a phone, creating a phone allows you to link your phone to the website.


go to (Account??-> Create Phone)

Tap in the name of the device, this can be anything you like and is for your own reference.


Step 3

Once you have created a device, head over to my devices page(Account -> Manage phones)

you will be be presented with a list of all your devices on your account, from here you can access the live tracker or view your historical routes,

What you need from this page though is the device id in the middle column, take a note of this as its what you will need to insert into your app

API Sharing:if you are wanting other to see you, turn this on this allows the live tracker/multi tracker to show your location.

Live tracking:??Opens the live tracker.

Sharing: Share the live tracking url with friends on facebook/email or simply send them the link.

My routes:??Shows your historic route with a route analysis.













Step 4

Head over to the app on your phone and open it up

Doesn't do much yet... we need to configure it first.











So hit the menu button and select settings












  • Device id:So firstly lets insert that Device id we took down earlier
  • Send at most every:??This is how often you want the device to transmit your location, as a rule of thumb if people dont need to know your exact location the we say go for 30 seconds -> 5 minutes, the longer you set it the longer your battery will last
  • Assisted Gps/Normal Gps:??assisted GPS uses location/network towers and is hugely inaccurate, we dont recommend you use this unless you know what your doing, stick to Normal GPS, it uses satellites to determine an accurate position.
  • Mph/Kph:??Select your prefered units of measurement of display speed.
  • Autoboot:??Automatically starts the app when the phone is turned on
  • Remote SMS:??Allows the app to be started/stopped via a SMS (GPS_IM_ON & GPS_IM_OFF)
  • Stealth mode:Upgrade allowing the app to be undetectable
  • Dialing code :??Part of stealth mode , set a dialing code to launch the app, as there is no icon there needs to be a way to open the app
  • SMS Deletion:??Part of the pro upgrade - deletes all sms read by the App such as GPS_IM_ON/GPS_IM_OFF
  • Password:??Part of the pro upgrade - Requires a password to open the app


Step 5

Save your settings and now you're ready to go - hit the Start tracking??button

You are able to leave the app running in the background now, ensure you hit the home button on your device so it is enabled to run in the background.




Step 6

Click on the live tracking (My account ->Manage Phones->live tracking)

and from here you can see your location in real-time,or shareit with your friends on facebook ,email or simply send them the link, they dont need an account to see your position.














Step 7

Want to view your route analysis after?

go to my routes (Activities-> Route History)

From here you can view details at each point on the map, export it to various format, and see a general overview of distance travelled and average speed.