FPV Recovery and tracking

If you know what FPV means, then you know what this is about....

FPV - First person view for RC Controlled planes and insta-mapper can be used as the perfect tool for FPV Recovery

We thought we would share a post on how to set up your FPV plane using Insta-Mapper

Its simple and its cheap!

1 - Purchase a cheap android phone, roughly about 40$
2 - Bob in a boost sim card/pay as you go
3 - Download the app
4 - Register an account on here www.insta-mapper.com
5 - Click on my devices on the toolbar -> My Devices
6 - Create a device and give it a name
7 - YOu will then be given a Device ID to stick in to the app's settings
8 - Start tracking! And your off

Hide the phone in your plane, and then you can see its location on the website

1 - My devices
2 - Select the devices and click -> Live tracking on the right hand side

Simple! send the link to your self in an email so you have it handy when your on the go.

If your plane crashes, open up the webpage and you can see where it is 🙂

Its that simple!

Tips - activate SMS listener in the settings menu - This allows you to send a SMS to the phone saying GPS_IM_ON to kick start the app incase it turns its self off.

Ensur GPS is ON , on the handset.

After your flight, come home and check out the routes you have flown

if you're even more technical why not wire a usb charger inside the plane to keep the phone always charged, meaning you never have to worry about the battery.

How much will it cost? We dont charge anything for the basic use, all you need to pay for is a phone and some airtime credit for the handset.

But then you can use the handset for anything else not just flying.

Post your comments or ideas below if you think we can do much more to make FPV flight & Instamapper better for you

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