Insta-Mapper is a free GPS Tracker service to you, but it costs us money to keep it running. Previously this service was suspended due to lack of funding, it costs us around ??5 per week to keep the servers running for you.

Every version of our app costs us around ??300 to release, so every penny helps! A donation of just ??5 will keep our servers online for another week.

Anyone who donates will be given priority for feature requests and to any Beta releases, which is just our way of saying thank you.

Most other companies charge for a fleet tracking service, but we dont.... we like to give you things for free.

If you wish to donate please do so using the Donate button below.

Every penny helps.


Want to know more about Fleet tracking?

Insta Mapper can provide you with a fleet tracking service for all your veichles, simply create an account and create a device for each user and ??then get your employees to download the app, this way you can see your employees all in one screen, on our site we call this "MultiMap".