Insta-Mapper Contact Page

Whether it's feedback, requests or just to say thanks, we love to hear from everyone!

However, running a worldwide service like InstaMapper takes a lot of our time to do, and sometimes it's difficult to respond quickly to your questions.

Before you use the contact form below, please first consider the following:

  • Have you made a post in our Forum yet?

    Other InstaMapper users may have had the same problem as you, and even if not, by discussing it there, you will be helping others who may have the issue in future.

    By joining in with the Forum you can give something back to the InstaMapper community, so if you haven't registered and introduced yourself yet, please make sure you do.

    Once we get more discussions going we'll be able to neatly organise the different boards more effectively into categories for any queries people have, such as the API, creating devices, problems you encounter with the apps, etc.

  • Have you read our FAQ?

  • Have you taken the time out to read our guide?

  • If you're struggling with getting your head around how to use our API features, did you make sure you've fully gone through our API Guide?

After considering all those options, if you've still got a really urgent query or something non-technical that doesn't fit on a public forum, then please use the form below.

If you are reporting a problem, please include your device id so we can help you straight away

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